Construction Design

Construction Design

  • Component loop typical for preparation of Instrument Index
  • Preparation of instrument master index
  • Instrument Loop Drawings
  • Wiring and JB assignment, Cable schedule
  • Inter-connection wiring diagrams
  • IO List (Both SPI & Excel)
  • P&ID review
  • Instrument Location layout drawings
  • Instrument Location Plan
  • Instrument Trench Layouts
  • Instrument Cable tray Layout
  • Instrument Main Cable layout drawings/ Cable Routing Plan
  • Instrument FO Cable Routing Layout
  • Typical installation Drawings
  • Process, air & signal hookup drawings

Field Instrumentation

  • Preparation of I&C Deliverables from SPI such as Index, Datasheets, etc.
  • Preparation / review of Scope of Work (SOW) , Work Schedule and Man-hour Estimation
  • RFQ preparation for Field Instruments o Flow o Level o Pressure o Temperature
  • Technical Bid Evaluation and implementation/preparation of procurement plan
  • Vendor documents review
  • Vendor selection keeping in view project requirement / schedule
  • Specifications for Field Instruments
  • RFQ preparation for F&G Devices

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